The challenge

With constant change comes anxiety and instability

Our world is changing faster than ever before, and with constant change comes anxiety and instability. New communication methods, work patterns and family structures mean that many aspects of our modern daily lives would be unrecognizable to our predecessors and, just when we think we’ve conquered one challenge or reorganisation, along comes another.

…around 12 million adults in the UK see their GP with mental health problems each year. Most of these suffer from anxiety and depression and much of this is stress-related
The Mental Health Foundation

The impact of stress

37 %
ill-health cases1
45 %
working days lost due
to ill health1
15 M
15 million sick days a
year linked to stress2

For those in employment, global economic pressures make us work harder, and over longer hours, to maintain the same standard of living – and then leave us with too little time to enjoy it.

Students also face increasing demands on their performance and finances. In parallel with all this, the media bombard us with unattainable images of perfection of the way we should look, act or feel, bringing additional anxiety to us all, whether we’re 5 or 95.

Against such a backdrop, it’s hardly surprising to learn that stress is becoming one of the principal causes of illness in the UK.

The 1Health and Safety Executive recently reported that: “stress (together with mental ill health conditions like anxiety and depression) is the second most commonly reported cause of occupational ill health in Great Britain, accounting for 37% of all work-related ill-health cases, and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health.”

The problem is that whilst life is changing at a hectic pace, our minds and bodies evolve much more slowly and are still, in some fundamental ways, better suited to life many thousands of years ago.

2 Office for National Statistics

The solution

We offer tailored packages for individuals, groups and companies, explaining the background to stress and the physiological and mental processes involved, then developing strategies and demonstrating practical techniques to defuse situations, build resilience and enhance wellbeing.

Stress has become a hot topic. Increasing numbers of individuals, groups and businesses are realising that it’s the invisible issue that must be urgently addressed. The government recognised this some time ago with the HSE Management Standards approach, setting out guidelines for review and action. Although there has long been a legal requirement on employers to tackle stressful situations under Health and Safety at Work legislation, already stretched organisations have generally been slow to tackle the subject. Increasingly, they too now see the advantages.

As well as benefitting the individual, it makes sound business sense: healthier, happier staff are more efficient, more productive and more likely to go the extra mile for a company that demonstrates its interest in their wellbeing.

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